Our full course catalogue: a tick indicates accredited training.

C2 – Site Forward Controller COMAH/SEVESO (SFC)

For personnel who may be nominated as Site Forward Controllers (SFC) to support the Site Incident Controller (SIC). This course is approved and accredited by the Joint Oil Industry Fire-fighting Forum (JOIFF).

E1- Emergency Response Awareness

To raise the awareness of core principles and practices within operational onsite emergency response in accordance with exisiting arrangements


To teach attendees the duties of Fire Wardens or Fire Marshalls

G1- Crisis Management Awareness

To share awareness of crisis management principles and practices, with regard to best practice crisis management and expectations of crisis leadership

G2- Crisis Leadership

The crisis flight simulator for executives.

LNG 2- for personel responsible for LNG operations

To provide awareness to individuals who require an understanding about LNG, its hazards and risks and how they would be expected to support an LNG incident.

LNG 3- for professional emergency responders

A hugely valuable course which provides awareness to individuals and teams who require an understanding about LNG, its hazards and risks and new response considerations to LNG emergency incidents.

E3- Emergency Response Team Leader

To train delegates in best practice operational emergency response leadership.

E2- Emergency Response Team Training

To train responders in best practice onsite emergency response, hazard management and operational response techniques.

S1- Incident Management Awareness

To raise awareness in core incident management principles and practices, with regard to both local emergency management and higher level company/entity/asset needs.

S2- Incident Team Training

To train delegates to start to effectively manage an incident as a team in the event of an emergency, in accordance with current best practice and national guidelines

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