POD (Process Owner Development)

as agreed


Duty holders , Level 3

To develop the skill, knowledge and experience of personnel who have charge for the emergency and crisis management arrangements on their site/ company.  In turn, this training should influence emergency management improvement within the parent organisation.

During the course the attendee will join the Response Academy / Eddistone team and;

  • Discuss and learn theoretically about the different elements below
  • Attend an accredited Response Academy training course as a course delegate
  • Attend and observe a significant training event, shadowing an Eddistone Consultant during the run up and delivery of a significant training event

These events will help the attendee(s) to learn about the practical aspects of;

  • Creating Training and exercises from aims and objectives
  • Timeline development and setting learning journey expectations
  • Delivery of training and exercises
  • Role Play coordination, simulations and maintaining reality
  • Media injects
  • Competencies and performance indicators
  • Understanding benchmarking and capability assessment
  • The assessment processes include debrief
  • Reporting including using observation, comment & recommendations

This development course is suitable for personnel who are nominated as the process owner for their site/company/organisation’s response arrangements and capability.

This development programme is bespoke to the attendee’s timeframes. Typically the attendee on a POD course will work with us for 5-7 days.  This period may run over a weekend.

Usually the Response Academy training course will be delivered at our training centre.  In some circumstances, the locations of both the training course and significant training events may vary. We will discuss your preferences and confirm these during your discussions with us.

Costs of the course;

  • Does include accommodation, travel and food while on the course and while at training events.
  • Does not include travel to and from the place of training, accommodation, food or any costs during any pause in training (i.e a middle weekend).
  • We are able to help to find accommodation options for this period, please ask us.