C2 - Site Forward Controller COMAH/SEVESO (SFC)

1 Day


COMAH , level 1b , On Call

For personnel who may be nominated as Site Forward Controllers (SFC) to support the Site Incident Controller (SIC). This course is approved and accredited by the Joint Oil Industry Fire-fighting Forum (JOIFF).

This formally accredited course is suitable for personnel who are, will or have been nominated as SFCs at an emergency or protracted incident involving offsite civil response agencies.  This training course equips the participants with the knowledge and skills to competently undertake all the responsibilities of a SFC in accordance with the current COMAH Regulations, in the event of an emergency.  A hugely practical course, the candidates should have practical and technical knowledge of your site.

This course is accredited by the hazardous sector industry body ‘JOIFF’.

Key content covered on this course includes, but is not limited to:

  • Emergency management principles
  • The roles and responsibilities of the SFC
  • Dynamic response
  • Scene management
  • Emergency response services command and control
  • Personnel safety and casualty response
  • Hazard understanding and safe area identification
  • Effective communications
  • Demonstrate competence in the role by means of assessment through scenario based exercises

This training is suitable for;

  • Shift team members
  • Security team members
  • Reception team members
  • Site landlord teams

Usually this training is run at your site, using the real hazards and challenges for learning opportunities, please enquire for more details.

This course is usually run in a single day, but remains priced per head which is related to the asssessor student ratios required for the amount of attendees. This course is run for a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12.