Our team have a huge and diverse wealth of experience, gained by both theroetical and practical experiences.  We have experience of working in many sectors and industries, both private and public.

Below is a snapshot of who we are, individually.  Interestingly, one of us worked on the NASA space shuttle emergency rescue team, one led corporate crisis management for a FTSE 10 company, one was a leader for the UK Olympics security, one was a bomb disposal operator and one of us was first on scene at Buncefield, there are no clues below though, you will have to ask.



Tim has a huge wealth of experience of emergency response, incident and crisis management. Tim is a regular and highly respected trainer on all our courses and has provided training for over 100 organisations globally. He is a member of several professional bodies including the Institute of Explosive Engineers, Institute of leadership and Management and Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.  He is also qualified as a UK Mountaineering Instructor and an Electrician.



John is a specialist in front line Emergency Response, Emergency Response Training, Fire Risk Management and Incident Command. As a Fire Station Manager, John served in management roles at military locations across the UK including airfields and those with underground establishments. He is a member of the Institute of Fire Engineers, Institute of Fire Prevention Officers and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.



David’s recent experience comes from a corporate perspective and has worked for operators such as the BG Group (UK FTSE 10) and both Service and Utility providers, where he has held responsibility for security, crisis continuity and even a global crisis management role.
David delivers strategic training at the Response Academy and has been instrumental in developing the highly effective accredited courses.



Dave is a specialist in crisis management and command, fire risk management and business continuity planning.  his experience includes many different roles including training, community safety, fire safety, emergency response support and in the emergency fire control room.

Dave’s work for the Response Academy has taken hime all over the UK and latterly to Qatar, where we are delivering crisis training to a national organisiation.


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Becky monitors and looks after our training quality and monitors performance of the delivery team, this in turn ensures customer and performance feedback shapes our internal training program, which Becky delivers.

Becky holds the UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) qualification


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With over 30 years policing experience, Ed has a background in strategic planning, operational delivery and partnership working.  During his policing service, Ed has undertaken the role of Gold, Silver and Bronze Commander at many planned and spontaneous incidents.  Ed helps deliver training and exercises to wide range of customers, both corporate and public sector.



Simon helps us with competency testing and exercise simulations . Drawing on his background as a qualified occupational psychology, Simon has been involved in delivering training sessions for both operational and tactical teams. Simon helps deliver our assessor competency program.



Cliff is an experienced exercise and IMT training facilitator. Cliff’s work has taken him to India, Trinidad, and Tunisia where he has been instrumental in the setting up and facilitating training.  This includes on and offshore Oil and Gas exploration, transmission and distribution operations, including customer relations.  In addition he has forged firm links with our long term clients based within the UK with whom he is a very popular trainer.



Tony is a professional and decisive trainer; with a depth of experience obtained delivering training and security programmes as a senior police officer. Tony strives to motivate others and impart knowledge. Tony has worked with government agencies business partners, universities, and community organisations