The Response Academy Accredited training provider for all aspects of emergency response and incident management. Level 2 - Tactical Incident management Level 1 - Operational Emergency response Crisis consultancy COMAH Training LNG emergencies Emergency awareness Duty holders Emergency response Drawing on the highest level of experience, our team have helped develop national frameworks and shape best practices Incident management Accredited training courses for On-Scene emergency personnel, means you maintain effective readiness in line with legislation and expectations ON SITE EMERGENCY TRAINING Our accredited training and exercise support is expertly matched to meet the needs of the emergency roles in the COMAH and SEVESO regulations COMAH & SEVESO We conduct incident management training and exercises and teach robust processes for tactical teams to face unscheduled situations. We run accredited Award courses for tactical level controllers on COMAH sites. LEVEL 2 We support your leadership to ensure that your organisation has a systematic approach to risk, crisis and recovery. This includes reviewing capability maturity, root cause and value chain continuity. Crisis leadership We conduct three specific training courses for LNG Users, Owners and Operators and also Responders. We call the series LNG 123 LNG123 COURSES click here ON CALL ? Are your duties clear? Are all the expectations clear? How long ago did you practice them? Our courses for 'On Call' team members make sure you are ready... 24/7... Most organisations do not routinely scan for non operational business risks Cyber / GDPR Terrorism Workforce Social Reputational Supply chain We deploy a simple affordable solution RISK Radar Pandemic Market forces

Slide Level 1 Emergency, On-site and Bronze response training Training courses suitable for all personnel who have reponse roles focussing 'at the scene'

Slide Level 2 Tactical, Silver and Incident management and command Wider impact and considerations is the role of a tactical team. Our courses give skills and knowledge to teams to manage the surrounding issues effectively

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