Consultancy Response and Training

The response academy is a centre of excellence to deliver all aspects of emergency and crisis management.

Backed by the skill, knowledge and experience of Eddistone Consulting Ltd, the academy draws on many years of emergency management experience and some of the best practice training available.

Our training skill are mentored by our in-house teachers so that the courses are of the highest quality.  The courses deliver high impact information and skills, ultimately represent the best value for money.

Eddistone Consulting Ltd is a high hazard accredited training provider, accredited by JOIFF.

Using our extensive Emergency and Crisis Management skills and knowledge we provide for all levels of emergency management in any organisation

  1. Operational Bronze and on site emergency response (Level 1 Emergency response) e.g. Shift Team Member, Technician
  2. Tactical, Silver  and Incident Command (Level 2 Incident management) e.g. Operations or HR Manager
  3. Gold level Strategic leadership (Level 3 – Crisis) e.g. MD, COO or CFO

Our Experience

The core Eddistone delivery team of 12 consultants has over 330 years accumulative emergency management experience at all levels civil and private organisations, this includes ;

Energy sector and high risk operations, on and offshore, E&P, Oil and Gas, Transmission and distribution, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, LNG, Airports, Aviation and Marine, Manufacturing and Infrastructure organisations

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